An Ideal teacher is the pioneer of an enlightened society

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 An ideal teacher leaves a life-long impression on his/her students by dint of his good character and manners and influences their mind in a positive way. He/she is a much valued asset, without whom one can't imagine a life. In fact, perfect teachers are as important as our parents. They are the ones, whom the students can idolize and look up to. An ideal teacher shows students the right path under all circumstances and never shies away from his/her duties.An ideal teacher never lets the limitations of his/her students restrict their vision. He/she constantly motivates them to reach ahead and broaden their horizon. He helps them realize their talents as well as the need to pursue them with diligence.An ideal teacher is an effective leader who inspires and leads his students to excel in their school work.An ideal teacher is an asset for a nation. He builds the future of the nation. Every teacher should make him/her ideal in the larger benefit of the society.Teachers can find books, videos and courses to help them on an issue. However, typically curriculum directors or district officers determine how money is spent. Teachers have a difficult time getting money for individual opportunities. If they ask for it, they have to justify their need and may end up in the same situation they often have with some instructional coaches – they have to admit the problem they are trying to solve.One problem with materials such as this is that classroom teaching is evolving so rapidly. So while a content creator may have a Ph.D., sometimes they may not be as relevant as a classroom teacher. Many teachers love Teachers Pay Teachers while others frown on the resources because they prefer traditional textbook companies.

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