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Re-inventing Education for the Digital Age | David Middelbeck

David is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of the startup edyoucated, a digital education platform that helps companies to upskill their workforce to digital roles. He is a passionate social entrepreneur with 8 years of nonprofit leadership experience & former Head of Product at an early-stage data analytics startup from Münster. Before, he studied Information Systems, Data Science, Philosophy, and Entrepreneurship at Harvard University, MIT, WWU Münster, and QUT Brisbane.

Education and technology has been in a race since the invention of printing.  Today, education is lagging behind, says David Middelbeck.  We need to change the fundamentals of learning to adapt to the digital age.  David tells his story of how after learning in Muenster and Harvard, he has just left a good job in tech to help bring technology into education. David Middelbeck stands up for a world without digital illiterates as the Chairman of the European nonprofit organization TechLabs. He co-founded the organization 2 years ago in Münster, and now helps hundreds of students every year to learn coding skills at its three locations in Münster, Barcelona & Copenhagen.

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