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Let’s learn Sentence Connectors Exercises for SSC

Let’s learn Sentence Connectors Exercises for SSC

1. We know that trees are essential for all kinds of creatures. They give us not only food(a)…..oxygen. They protect us from natural calamities. (b)….they are called the savior of our environment.(c)….many people are not aware of this. They cut down tress randomly. (d)…, forest lands are shrinking. (e)…… people go on cutting trees, one day there will be no trees left for us.

2. 21 February is a red-letter day in our national history. It is our pride(a)….no nation of the world has ever fought for its language the way we fought. So it has been now declared as the international mother language day. The proposal has been passed unanimously  in the general assembly of the UNESCO(b)….some countries pointed out (c)….the incident of 21st is related to the Bangalees only.(d)….,the recognition of the day,(e)….. the international mother language by UNESCO has upheld the prestige of Bangalees all over the world.

3. Ripa is a student of class ten.(a)…..she is meritorious, she never takes pride in her merit. She is helpful to all.(b)….any weak student comes to her with any problem, she tries to help him. She is respectful to the senior(c)….affectionate to the junior. She is simple inbehaviour(d)….strict in principle.(e)….everyone loves her.

4. Globalization is a term (a)…is commonly used  by man.(b)….it is a process of expanding trade and commerce all over the world creating a borderless market.(c)….global development, we have conquered the time(d)…distance.(e)…., we can learn what is happening in the farthest corner of the world.

5. Trees are very important(a)….that produce oxygen (b)….is a must for man and all living beings. We must realize (c)…..they help us in many ways.(d)…trees are less in number, there will be an increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.(e)….it will enhance greenhouse effect.

6. Global warming is increasing day by day(a)…..deforestation. We cut down trees (b)….never think of planting more trees.(c)….human and other living beings are in the threat of extinction. Time is coming(d)…..there will be no tree left for us.(e)….we have to face better consequence of deforestation.

7. None can deny the importance of tree plantation (a)….our lives on earth directly or indirectly depend on it.(b)…it is a matter of sorrow that we are cutting down trees indiscriminately.(c)…..tress are planted, soon our country will turn into desert(d)….there will be an adverse change in the climate.(e)….,we should plant more and more trees for our own sake.

8. Rural life and urban life have many common ideas.(a)….differences between them are greater. Rural people do not have adequate educational and medical facilities. (b)…., they face problems with their communication network.(c)… the urban people enjoy  educational and medical facilities.(d)….the people of cities and towns enjoy a smooth and easy communication system.(e)….,there is a rush of people to come to cities from villages every years.

9. Gold is a bright precious metal.  There are many metals cheaper(a)…gold but look like it. They glitter well (b)….fade in course of time. Actually there are many people in our society (c)….are outwardly  gentle and nice. But (d)…a period of time, their real identity is revealed .(e)…., all that glitters is not gold.

10. Student life is the best time in life(a)…almost every student is free from cares(b)….anxieties of life. He has nothing to do(c)…..study.(d)….a student, he should read novels, magazines, newspapers(e)….text books.

11. Honesty is a divine virtue. The man (a)…possesses this quality is the happiest person in the world. To be honest, man should have trustworthiness (b)…nobody trusts a liar.(e)…,God helps the honest people.(d)…children should be taught honesty from the very beginning of life.(e)….they should be taught discipline.

12. An idle man does not do his work in right time. He puts off work of today for tomorrow. A student (a)….neglects his daily lessons are sure to fail. A young man who idles away his time become a burden to the family(b)….the society. His brain becomes the workshop of devils. It is said (c)…the devil tempts the busy man(d)…the idle man tempts the devil…..everyone should make the best use of time.

13. (a)….population problem is one of the greatest problems in our country.(b)….Bangladesh is a small country, it has huge population . The government finds it difficult to provide basic necessities.(c)….it has become a great concern to all.(d)….solving this problem some necessary steps should be taken . In this regard general people should help the government. (e)….the population growth is controlled , people will lead a happy life.

14. Every citizen has some duties and responsibilities for his nation.(a)….most of the people are careless in this respect. people of this country have achieved national identity at the cost of great sacrifice(b)….is still evaluated nationally(c)….some selfish people never want to give them recognition.(d)….we all should do some benevolent activities.(e)…we will be guilty to the nation.

15. (a)….I were a rich man I would help others. People living under poverty line has the hope of better days (b)….they do not get (c)….they dream of. (d)….their condition is getting from bad to worse. The only thing (e)….they need is nothing but education.

16. A hare is a very speedy animal,(a)…, a tortoise moves very slowly.(b)….., it has a heavy shell on its back.(c)….,its legs are short.(d)….,it can not move as fast as other animals. One morning a hare laughed at a tortoise for its slow motion. The hare asked the tortoise to run a race.(e)… the tortoise felt hurt, it agreed to the proposal of the hare.

17. The foods that we eat can be divided into six kinds (a)…what substances they contain and (b)….benefits they do to us. Fish, meat, peas and milk provide us with protein(c)…builds our body and helps us grow.(d)….we do not take all these, we can not grow well. vitamins and mineral salts protect us from diseases (e)…..keep us fit for work.

18. Once upon a time there lived a fox (a) — was very clever. He lived in a jungle in a very hot country (b) — Bangladesh. One day, (c) — Mr. Fox was walking through the jungle, he fell into a trap. After trying very hard he could get out of the trap (d) — lost his tail. Without his tail Mr. Fox looked very strange (e) — he felt very sad and ashamed.

19. (a) —, there are some differences between practical knowledge and bookish knowledge.(b) — often they are thought to be the same. (c) — a man is educated in the truest sense, he will be able to lead a life completely different from others. (d) — he can distinguish between right and wrong. (e)— Education is very important.

20. Summer noon is very painful and disgusting. (a) — the sun shines hotly over head, life becomes miserable. The sufferings of the people know no bounds (b) —-the electricity goes off. (c)—-The people use hand fans to fan themselves. Children can neither sleep (d)—— read. They feel out of sorts. (e) — the poor suffer most. They work outside in the burning sun.

21. The rapid growth of population must be controlled. (a) — all sorts of attempts to solve food problem will fail. (b) —. we have to increase our food production very rapidly. We may mostly. solve our food problem by changing our traditional food habit. (c)—, we can take potato instead of rice. (d) — it is high time we changed our eating habit. (e) — knowledge of nutritive value of food can help to solve our food problem to a great extent.

22. Women are, nowadays as important as men in the society. They constitute nearly half of our total population. (a) — there can be no denying the fact (b) —-­­­­­ they too possess equal rights and duties (c) — men do. They have noble mission to fulfil as men. (d) — they get opportunity their genius, powers (e)—will bloom fully .

23.  It is known to all that gold is a valuable metal. (a) —, there are many metals cheaper than gold though they look like it. (b) —they glitter for sometimes, they fade away in the long run. In our society there are also many people (c) — are outwardly very gentle and polished. Later on, their real identity is revealed (d) — they do not exercise moral values. That’ s why, people say’  All (e) — glitters is not gold.”

24.  A healthy man can do any work. (a) — he can eat any food he likes. (b) —, he can enjoy life in every way. (c) — an unhealthy man is unhappy, for he cannot eat and do what he likes. (d) — he lives and dies poor. He may have intelligence, merit, learning and power, but he cannot put them to the use and reap their benefits. (e) — health is the source of all happiness in life.

 25. Men usually want to have their own way. They want to think and act as they like. No one (a) — can have his own way all the time. A man cannot live in society peacefully (b) — he considers the interest of others (c) — his own interests. (d) — society means a group of people with the same ways of life. People in the society may not make such decision (e) — can prove unjust and harmful to others:

26. It is better to have brain (a) — beauty. (b) — physical beauty is purely visual, the beauty of brain is all encompassing. It is (c) — a known fact that beauty is only—skin deep. What is worse is (d) — physical beauty is not ever—lasting (e) — it declines with age and time.

27.  Drug addiction is more powerful (a) — cancer. (b) — cancer attacks a man individually (c) — drug addiction massacres the whole nation. It brings social crimes (d) — hijacking, looting, plundering, killing, robbery, rape, unrest, terrorism (e) — so on.

28. Fortune has often been blamed for blindness. (a) — blindness and fortune are not (b) — blind as those (c) — blame their fate (d) — do not try to overcome adversities. Neither good luck (e)—- Dad luck has anything to do with the ultimate destiny of a man.

29. Man is the architect of his own fortune. (a) — he makes proper division of his time (b) — does his duties accordingly he is sure to prosper-In life. (c) — he does otherwise, he is sure to repent (d)—- it is too late. To kill time is (e) — culpable as to commit suicide.

30. Corruption has become a part and parcel of our life. (a)—– no office work is done without corruption, people have taken it as an acceptable practice. (b) —this evil ‘practice should be stopped.(c) ——the government is strict, it will be possible. (d) ——some corrupt officials are punished, it has not been evicted from government offices. (e) — it must be eradicated at any cost.


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